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Understanding human origins.

This series explores the evolution of storytelling in the human epoch.

Highlighting future efforts to understand the human phenomenon.

Specific examples of how humans have impacted the planet. (2022)

The impact of humans on Earth, and the future of our species. (2022)

Human characteristics ranging from anatomy to behavior. (2021)

Altered states of the mind and the lessons for Anthropogeny. (2021)

Evolution of humans as a biologically enculturated species. (2020)

Explores the impact of infectious disease on our human origins. (2020)

The latest information on our human origins. (2020)

How & why human physical activities differ from other species. (2021)

Effects of deprivation on cognitive development and behavior. (2019)

Experts from Africa explore the latest on evolution. (2019)

Tour of the many approaches to anthopogeny. (2019)

Impact of tool use on evolution and the mind. (2018)

Explore the evolutionary origins of human imagination. (2018)

Explore why humans became hunters as well as gatherers. (2018)

Unique molecular and cellular characteristics of humans. (2017)

Explorations of the extraordinary variations of the human mind. (2017)

How awareness of death and mortality shaped human evolution. (2017)

How humans evolved to shape (and be shaped by) our climate. (2015)

Exploring human evolution to understand human diseases. (2016)

New insights into ancient DNA research and population genetics. (2016)

Human skin in an explicitly evolutionary framework. (2015)

Evidence bearing on the emergence of our genus Homo. (2016)

The evolution of human language. (2015)

Domestication of other species and human evolution. (2014)

A fresh look at aggression, both between and within species. (2014)

The importance of child-rearing in human evolution. (2014)

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