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Professional cyclist Daniel Holloway discusses the ins and outs of life as a cyclist. Learn about the demanding training regime as well as the personal politics. Daniel also shares tips on getting involved in cycling.

Whether you know your BRCA status or need to learn more, this gathering of global experts on BRCA mutations and breast cancer will help you understand genetic risks and how they affect health outcomes. Learn more about cancer risks associated with BRCA and new advances in the field.

Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, which teaches participants how to navigate and integrate the challenges and adventures of everyday life. He is also the author of several best-selling books on the topic of mindfulness, including Full Catastrophe Living and Wherever You Go, There You Are. Recorded on 02/16/2018.

City and Regional Planning Professor at Berkeley, Daniel Rodríguez explores the advantages of bicycle lane networks. Recorded on 02/28/2018.

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Find out about various knee braces and the best type to use for different problems. Also learn about what to do after knee surgery and osteoarthritis bracing. Recorded on 03/15/2018.

The quality of life is as important as the quantity. Eli Puterman explores the health benefits of physical activity. Any exercise matters but more is better.

A sleepy brain is a hungry brain. Aric Prather explores the effect sleep loss has on our health and every day living. He looks at the relationship of sleep to metabolism and inflammatory disease. Recorded on 03/20/2018.

There are different types of genetic influences on people's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Douglas Galasko, MD, of the UCSD Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss these genes, how they are being studied, and what being a carrier of Alzheimer's associated genes means. Learn more about penetrance and expressivity, genome-wide association studies, and more.

Deborah Adey, MD; Professor of Medicine, UCSF Recorded on 05/18/2018.

California State Assembly Member David Chiu, representing the 17th Assembly District, discusses the future of health policy in California. Moderated by Dr. Andrew Bindman UCSF Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and Professor of Health Policy at the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies at UCSF. Presented by the UCSF Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP). Recorded on 05/02/2018.

Across the tree of life, we can trace cancer vulnerabilities back to the origins of multicellularity. Cancer is observed in almost all multicellular phyla, including lineages leading to plants, fungi, and animals. However, species vary remarkably in their susceptibility to cancer. Amy Boddy (UCSB Integrated Anthropological Sciences Unit) discusses how this variation in cancer susceptibility is characterized by life history trade-offs, as cancer defense mechanisms are a major component of a body's maintenance. She also looks at how understanding these trade-offs in the context of evolution may help explain the variability we see in cancer susceptibility across human populations. Recorded on 07/18/2018.

A rare disease can be hard to diagnose. In Good Shape spoke with Professor Heiko Krude of Berlin's Charité hospital about diagnosing and treating rare diseases. Also: hunting everyday germs, AND: lightless enlightenment -- with darkness yoga.

Moderated by Laura Schmidt, PhD, MSW, MPH, UCSF, Co-Director of the SSEW Initiative. Panelists include Lauren Zeise, PhD, Director of the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), Jeanne Rizzo, RN, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, and Meg Schwarzman, MD, MPH, UC Berkeley, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. Recorded on 09/21/2018.
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