UC San Diego Founders’ Symposium 2013

1/6/2014; 86 minutes

Passion for their work is evident as six of UC San Diego's young, innovative faculty members and graduate students share their latest research as part of UCSD's fourth annual celebration of its Founders.Marine biologist Eric Allen presents "Decoding Our Microbial Planet: From Habitats to Human Health;" cognitive scientist Jamie Alexandre talks about KA Lite as part of "Connecting the Disconnected: Taking the Online Learning Revolution Offline;" historians Jessica Graham and Dana Velasco Murillo look at the construction of multiracial societies in the Americas in "Envisioning Global Citizens;" biochemist Morgan Nunn Martinez explains how "Cosmochemistry Can Save Lives;" and computational neuroanatomist Jacopo Annese shows his artistry in computer imaging in "Building a Bigger Brain." Recorded on 11/14/2013. (#25592)

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