Clonal Expansion of Blood Stem Cells in Aging and Leukemia with Leonard Zon - Sanford Stem Cell Symposium 2023

11/1/2023; 48 minutes

Leonard Zon, M.D., discusses cutting-edge research on the intricate relationship between macrophages, stem cells, and the development of leukemia using the zebrafish model. He delves into the fascinating interactions between these cell types, highlighting the role of a "don't eat me" signal and the influence of the leukemic niche. Through cellular barcoding and single-cell RNA sequencing, he unveils a potential therapeutic target which may offer promising insights into treating leukemia by disrupting the stromal activities that support it. Zon showcases the power of zebrafish models in advancing our understanding of hematopoiesis and cancer, promising new avenues for research and treatment. Recorded on 10/19/2023. (#39064)

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