Vineyard to Bottle: The Journey of Student Winemakers

8/22/2023; 1 minutes

Welcome to our wine processing course — a hands-on journey into the art and science of winemaking. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how students learn to taste, blend, age, fine, filter and package their own wines, all under the guidance of industry professionals and seasoned faculty. Our students' coursework transforms into practical skills needed in the wine industry. The course, a part of the university's viticulture and enology program, is held in our Teaching and Research Winery, the most advanced and sustainable winery in the world. Sustainability is a recurring theme, with students exploring every opportunity to make their process greener. Stay tuned for the opportunity to taste the fruits of our students' hard work and innovation. With new state legislation that recently passed, UC Davis will soon be able to sell student-made wine, bringing the vineyard to your table. (#39217)

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