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Addiction and Substance Abuse

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The history of drug prohibition and the consequences.
Date: 8/29/2019 Hits/Views: 6,344
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The triple wave epidemic is unprecedented.
Date: 8/21/2019 Hits/Views: 18,147
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The making of the opioid crisis.
Date: 8/14/2019 Hits/Views: 30,889
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Tools to deal with pain.
Date: 8/9/2019 Hits/Views: 10,614
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Programs to treat opioid use disorder in the homeless.
Date: 7/25/2019 Hits/Views: 8,089
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Medications for opioid use disorder save lives.
Date: 7/25/2019 Hits/Views: 8,272
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Diana Coffa, MD, Family and Community Medicine, UCSF.
Date: 4/10/2019 Hits/Views: 10,757
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The removal of stigmatizing language from the DSM-5.
Date: 11/15/2018 Hits/Views: 15,720
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Hear from three recovering food addicts.
Date: 7/17/2018 Hits/Views: 49,600
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An appropriate age for children to use social media?
Date: 4/16/2018 Hits/Views: 7,324
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Causes, treatment & prevention of substance use disorder.
Date: 1/8/2018 Hits/Views: 64,959
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Is there a point where social media becomes a danger?
Date: 10/16/2017 Hits/Views: 6,269
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Recent history behind prescription painkillers
Date: 9/24/2017 Hits/Views: 10,865
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Dr. on how yoga can cut pain, addiction in veterans.
Date: 9/21/2017 Hits/Views: 36,518
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Disturbing data on the opioid issue in America.
Date: 9/18/2017 Hits/Views: 13,909
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The dangers involved in drinking alcohol at high altitude.
Date: 9/10/2017 Hits/Views: 9,059
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There is no safe combination of drinking and driving
Date: 7/6/2017 Hits/Views: 5,739
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