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Writers David Mandel & Eli Attie discuss political shows.
Date: 4/8/2020 Hits/Views: 2,905
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Writer/Producer Dick Wolf.
Date: 3/29/2020 Hits/Views: 1,915
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Special effects on Mad Max - Fury Road.
Date: 11/12/2019 Hits/Views: 4,966
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Lucy Fischer & Patrice Petro discuss Hiroshima Mon Amour.
Date: 7/1/2019 Hits/Views: 6,696
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Two scholars discuss Beatles' musical Across the Universe.
Date: 4/30/2019 Hits/Views: 6,414
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Lester Friedman discusses Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.
Date: 12/27/2018 Hits/Views: 3,195
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Professors Petro and Carlson discuss Mary Shelley biopic.
Date: 12/24/2018 Hits/Views: 4,306
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A conversation on The Sound of Music's rich legacy.
Date: 12/18/2018 Hits/Views: 5,564
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Bambi Haggins & Patrice Petro discuss Moms Mabley.
Date: 7/3/2018 Hits/Views: 5,749
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Discussion about the 1999 cult classic Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Date: 6/27/2018 Hits/Views: 5,207
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A discussion about the politics of La Cava's 1933 film.
Date: 5/14/2018 Hits/Views: 8,182
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Discussion about Lang's first American film.
Date: 2/12/2018 Hits/Views: 6,890
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Discussion of Wilder's comedy.
Date: 2/5/2018 Hits/Views: 10,790
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Discussion of Lubitsch's anti-Nazi political satire.
Date: 12/25/2017 Hits/Views: 8,704
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Herzog discusses his film 1979 Nosferatu.
Date: 12/18/2017 Hits/Views: 30,274
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People with autism in the entertainment industry.
Date: 7/31/2017 Hits/Views: 44,339
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Actress Mya Taylor on this indie comedy.
Date: 7/17/2017 Hits/Views: 3,968
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Transgender emergence, Jewishness, queerness in TV show.
Date: 7/10/2017 Hits/Views: 6,075
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America's public universities.
Date: 5/8/2017 Hits/Views: 2,521
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The history and continuing legacy of Rebecca.
Date: 4/11/2017 Hits/Views: 19,953
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