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Two public works by artist Alexis Smith are discussed.
Date: 6/22/2020
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The impact and innovation of STEAM education.
Date: 6/9/2020
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Musicians reflect on the border through their music.
Date: 5/27/2020 Hits/Views: 469
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Using fashion to facilitate communication.
Date: 5/8/2020 Hits/Views: 514
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Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol on his opera adaptation of Othello.
Date: 4/28/2020 Hits/Views: 714
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An archivist and sound engineer discuss Stars of Jazz.
Date: 4/11/2020 Hits/Views: 4,988
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The shortest & most concise of Brahms symphonies.
Date: 3/25/2020 Hits/Views: 2,323
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A work expressing the perspectives of a diverse community
Date: 3/18/2020 Hits/Views: 1,761
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Modern concerto for percussionist and orchestra.
Date: 3/12/2020 Hits/Views: 2,052
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Concert by outstanding faculty, students, and alumni.
Date: 3/10/2020 Hits/Views: 1,650
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Unusual treatment of sonata form results in a fun piece.
Date: 3/5/2020 Hits/Views: 2,539
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Dance video of college student finding his better self.
Date: 3/3/2020 Hits/Views: 1,560

Brahms' Third Symphony and two commissioned works.
Date: 2/26/2020 Hits/Views: 3,674
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Choral symphony based on poems by Donne & Emily Dickinson.
Date: 1/28/2020 Hits/Views: 3,896
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Concerto for orchestra, violinist & 3 offstage voices.
Date: 1/23/2020 Hits/Views: 2,696
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One of the most popular works in the violin repertoire.
Date: 1/22/2020 Hits/Views: 3,565
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Featuring a new work and two popular favorites.
Date: 1/14/2020 Hits/Views: 4,095
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Béla Bartók's most popular composition.
Date: 1/3/2020 Hits/Views: 5,360
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Anthony Davis discusses his latest (2019) opera.
Date: 1/1/2020 Hits/Views: 22,586
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One of the most popular works in the classical repertoire.
Date: 1/1/2020 Hits/Views: 3,496
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