At the Water's Edge: Capturing and Conserving Our Most Precious Resource - Future Thought Leaders

9/9/2023; 104 minutes

Join esteemed experts to delve into solutions for water scarcity, climate challenges, and sustainable resource management. Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach, Berry Good Food Foundation's founder, moderate a discussion with BJ Kjaer, Solar Rain Watery's CEO; Sarah Livia Szekely Brightwood, President of Rancho La Puerta; Dr. Juana Claudia Leyva Aguilera from Universidad Autonoma de Baja CA; Luis Salgado of Watershed Management Group; and Alejandro Carrillo, owner of Las Damas Cattle Ranch. Explore responsible land, water, and natural resource practices, innovative methods, and technologies. An essential dialogue for a resilient future. Recorded on 06/09/2023. (#39060)

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