Intersections Presents Earl Thomas and the Gospel Ambassadors Featuring Sister Leola

6/5/2024; 84 minutes

Earl Thomas was born into a musical family in rural Tennessee and grew up in a house brimming with music. His father was a bluesman and his mother was a gospel singer, so music is in his veins. He stumbled into the music industry by accident, which led to a vibrant 30-year career that is steeped in African American tradition and culture. His music is a potent mix of the traditional and contemporary gospel, expressed in an impressive music catalogue. As a singer songwriter, his music – deeply rooted in the blues and gospel – is infused with contemporary sensibilities of rock, soul, and rhythm & blues. Thomas' latest production, after a three-year hiatus, is all vintage gospel or what the singer says is "the music I was meant to do." His mother always said that he was a gospel singer and now he is finally performing songs that have been, for decades, the soundtrack of African American culture and history and the backbone of the blues. Recorded on 04/07/2024. (#39604)

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