A Life in Space with Peggy Whitson - Sanford Stem Cell Symposium 2023

11/6/2023; 39 minutes

Astronaut Peggy Whitson, Ph.D., and Lisa Carnell, Ph.D., discuss various aspects of space exploration, life in microgravity, and the future of space science and research. They delve into the challenges astronauts face, from taste differences in space to innovative 3D printing solutions. The conversation also highlights the importance of stem cell research, personalized medicine, and drug development in space. Whitson's unique perspective offers insights into the awe-inspiring views of Earth from space and the collective responsibility to protect our planet. This thought-provoking discussion exemplifies the intersection of science, space exploration, and the promise of a future beyond our planet. Recorded on 10/20/2023. (#39073)

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