America, Europe, NATO... and Russia with Vice Admiral Charles W. Martoglio US Navy (ret.) -- Osher UCSD Distinguished Lecture

10/17/2016; 57 minutes

Vice Admiral Charles W. Martoglio, US Navy (ret), the former Deputy Commander of US military forces in Europe, returns to Osher to discuss the numerous challenges facing Europe and European cohesion, NATO's evolution, and its current role in the security of both America and Europe. His lecture will also examine how Russia got to where it is today and the motives behind its current activity in Eastern Europe, Syria, and across its periphery. The lecture will close with an assessment of why America will remain the most powerful nation in the world, economically, diplomatically, and military, for generations to come. Vice Admiral Charles W. Martoglio served as one of our military's leading strategists, planners, and politico-military advisors. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at UC San Diego and an advisor to the US Department of Defense. (#31375)

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