CARTA: Imagining the Future of Anthropogeny - Why Should We Care About Anthropogeny? with Pascal Gagneux

12/17/2022; 16 minutes

Our species is between 300,000 and 200,000 years old. For most of this one-quarter of a million years, up until just 12,000 years ago, it appears that our ancestors lived in small populations, in small-scale societies of which we can only guess the real nature. We remain in the dark about the age of some of the most diagnostic features of our species: our striding bipedalism, complex tool manufacture and use, fire use, language and societies defining their own identities, collaborating with and competing against neighboring societies. Data from studies of non-human animal behavior remind us of the underappreciated capacities of many other species. However, it has so far not provided evidence for any other species that shares the long list of distinctly human characteristics; chief among those, our species' capacity to not only simultaneous modify and threaten planetary ecosystems but also document and study such ecosystems across the globe. (#38298)

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