CHQIQERM 2013 Risk Fellows’ Panel

6/12/2014; 50 minutes

Five multi-site projects funded through a joint venture between the UC Office of Risk Services and UC Health. Wendy Anderson, MD, UC San Francisco - Palliative Care Workforce Expansion: Nurse-Initiated Multidisciplinary Patient and Family-Centered Communication in the ICU; Daniel Davis, MD, UC San Diego - ART (Advanced Resuscitation Training); Catherine Lau, MD, UC San Francisco - UC Care Check: A Standardized Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Improve Neurosurgical Patient Safety and Quality; Michael J. Stamos, MD, UC Irvine - High Risk Colon and Rectal Surgery Intervention Program; Francesca J. Torriani, MD, UC San Diego - Developing Standardized Bundles to Decrease Surgical Site Infections in Ortho, Spine Cases and Colo-Rectal Cases. Moderated by Karyn DiGiorgio, MSN, RN, Interim Director, UC Center for Health Quality and Innovation. Recorded on 05/02/2014. (#28152)

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