COVID-19- Basic Science/Discovery - Evan Snyder, Brigette Gomperts, Sandra Leibel, Justin Ichida, Karen Christman

10/5/2020; 80 minutes

What can we learn about COVID-19 through stem cell research? A panel of experts shares what we know and what may be possible.

Moderated by Evan Snyder, MD, PhD, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Brigitte Gomperts, MD, UCLA: Using Lung Stem Cells to Study the Effects of Cigarette Smoking on COVID-19
Sandra Leibel, MD MSc, UC San Diego: Addressing disparity in COVID-19 lung disease & therapeutic response using patient-specific hiPSC-derived lung organoids
Justin Ichida, PhD, USC: Development of a new drug to prevent coronavirus infection
Karen L. Christman, PhD, UC San Diego: Pro-healing biomaterial for treating inflammation
Recorded on 09/15/2020.

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