Crystal Voyager Discussion

7/25/2019; 51 minutes

A Q&A featuring director and producer David Elfick, and author and environmentalist Garth Murphy. They are joined by moderator Alexander Champlin in a conversation that covers the production and legacy of the classic surf film Crystal Voyager (1973). Elfick played an instrumental part in the establishment of the New Wave of Australian cinema internationally. Garth Murphy worked with Elfick on the post-production of Crystal Voyager. The Q&A addresses Elfick and Murphy's work with George Greenough, a legendary surfboard designer and the subject of the documentary. They discuss the production of the film, including acquiring the rights to use Pink Floyd's "Echoes" in the closing segment of the film. Their conversation also addresses the legacy of Crystal Voyager, in terms of both its historical significance and its groundbreaking style of surf cinematography. Recorded on 05/30/2019. (#34955)

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