Current U.S. Policies Amidst Changing Geo-Politics

8/9/2022; 65 minutes

The international community and the United States, under both Republican and Democratic Administrations, have failed, by almost any measure, to effectively address the re-emergence of authoritarianism in the Western Hemisphere. The forthcoming virtual forum is being organized in an effort to better understand the roots and resilience of these regimes (especially in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua) and the rapidly evolving international context that facilitates their survival, particularly in light of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict. The forum aims to elicit fresh perspectives to inform future policies of the U.S. government, other international actors, and engaged civil society organizations. The Institute of the Americas is organizing this forum in an effort to help catalyze fresh thinking on U.S. policy vis-à-vis authoritarian states in the Americas in anticipation of the United States' hosted IX Summit of the Americas scheduled in Los Angeles, CA in early June. (#38107)

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