Eight Big Ideas 2014 - Science at the Theater

1/26/2015; 89 minutes

Eight Berkeley Lab scientists took the stage and in 8 minutes each explained the latest science on topics from solar-powered vaccine refrigerators and cool roof maps to radiation pills and space dust. Katie Antypas - Energy Efficient Supercomputing, Ronnen Levinson -Cool Roofs Through Time and Space, Musahid Ahmed - Combustion Science for Cleaner Fuels, Andrew Westphal - First Rocks from Outside the Solar System, Ben Brown - Enhancing Human and Planetary Health Through Responsible Innovation, Sylvain Costes - Promoting a Healthier DNA, Rebecca Abergel - A pill to treat people exposed to radioactive materials, Shashi Buluswar - Portable Solar Vaccine Refrigerator. (#28969)

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