Inherited Black Futures Shaping Tomorrow Through Ancestral Craft with Jake Blount

3/16/2024; 28 minutes

Musician Jake Blount delves into the intersection of Afrofuturism and folk music, particularly emphasizing its relevance in reshaping narratives of the past and envisioning alternative futures. He highlights the concept of the trans historic feedback loop, wherein the reinterpretation of historical narratives influences present and future understandings. Blount illustrates how this loop applies to his music, particularly in the context of addressing climate change.

Blount's discussion extends to the transformative power of traditional folk songs, which he sees as ripe for reinterpretation to address contemporary issues. By altering lyrics and themes, he adapts these songs to speak to the challenges of the present, particularly the looming climate crisis. This process not only updates the meaning of the songs but also engages listeners in critical conversations about the future.

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