Nadie Discussion with Miguel Coyula and Lynn Cruz

2/21/2019; 32 minutes

A Q&A session with Writer/Director/Producer Miguel Coyula and Actor/Co-Producer Lynn Cruz of the documentary Nadie (2017). Coyula and Cruz discuss the production of the film and their work with the subject of the documentary, the reclusive Cuban poet, Rafael Alcides. The Q&A session, moderated by UCSB FIlm and Media Studies Professor, Cristina Venegas, covers the banning of the film in Cuba, the effect that making an "Anti-Revolutionary Film" has had on Coyula and Cruz, and the reception of the film in light of the deaths of both Fidel Castro and Alcides. This is Coyula's first documentary feature, he was previously awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for the production of Memories of Overdevelopment (2010). Recorded on 01/15/2019. (#34472)

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