New Waves: Memories of Underdevelopment

7/22/2019; 43 minutes

Scholars Cristina Venegas (UC Santa Barbara) and María Caridad Cumaná (Miami Dade College) discuss the political, literary, and biographical backgrounds of Tomás Guitiérrez Alea's 1968 classic film Memories of Underdevelopment. While examining the style of the film, Venegas and Cumaná analyze Alea's skillful adaptation of the plot of Edmundo Desnoes' original 1965 novel as well as the film's position within Alea's filmography. They also treat Memories of Underdevelopment's place within the late-60s era of Cuban cultural production and the early-60s era of political tumult. Recorded on 05/21/2019. (#34956)

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