Ortega, Maduro & Díaz-Canel: Why Are They Still in Power?

8/3/2022; 89 minutes

Autocrat, dictator, and socialist. These are just some of the terms that could be used to describe three of Latin America's most controversial leaders - Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro, and Cuba's Miguel Diaz-Canel. Despite several elections which in some cases have seen opponents win, they remain in power. This is a cause for concern as other countries such as El Salvador begin to see the erosion of democratic institutions. With the three leaders not on good terms with the Biden administration, they have not been extended invitations to the IX Summit of the Americas. Richard Feinberg moderates a panel of Javier Corrales, William LeoGrande, and Victor Shih to discuss why these three leaders are still in power. (#38106)

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