Synthetic Ex Utero Embryogenesis: From Naive Pluripotency to Stem-Cell Derived Embryo Models with Jacob Hanna

3/11/2023; 78 minutes

The identity of somatic and pluripotent cells can be epigenetically reprogrammed and forced to adapt a new functional cell state by different methods and distinct combinations of exogenous factors. The aspiration to utilize such in vitro reprogrammed pluripotent and somatic cells for therapeutic purposes necessitates understanding of the mechanisms of reprogramming and differentiation and elucidating the extent of equivalence of the in vitro derived cells to their in vivo counterparts. Jacob (Yaqub) Hanna, M.D., Ph.D., presents his group's recent advances toward understanding these fundamental questions and further details ongoing efforts to generate developmentally unrestricted human naive pluripotent cells with embryonic and extra-embryonic developmental potential. Recorded on 02/09/2023. (#38323)

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