UCSB 2013 Summit on Energy Efficiency – Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu Opening Keynote - Materials Science Innovations in Energy Efficiency and Generation

11/4/2013; 58 minutes

May 1, 2013: Opening Keynote by Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy '09-'13 and Professor at Stanford University, titled Materials Science Innovations in Energy Efficiency and Generation. Summit Welcome by John Bowers, Director, Institute for Energy Efficiency, and Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Materials at UC Santa Barbara. Opening remarks by Mike Witherell, Vice Chancellor for Research at UC Santa Barbara. Introduction of Opening Keynote by Rod Alferness, Dean, College of Engineering, UC Santa Barbara. Summit Welcome from John Bowers, Mike Witherell, and Rod Alferness (start - 14:15); Steven Chu Opening Keynote (14:15 - 43:50); Fireside Chat with Steven Chu and Jeff Henley (43:50 - end). (#25297)

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