Understanding Aggression and Self Injury in People with Developmental Disabilities

6/25/2023; 27 minutes

As part of the 2023 Developmental Disabilities Conference, Dr. Clarissa Kripke shares valuable insights on understanding and managing challenging behaviors in individuals with disabilities including aggression and self injury. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing that not all behaviors are intentional or purposeful, but rather a result of underlying factors such as limbic system responses or obsessive behaviors. Kripke highlights that addressing challenging behaviors requires a holistic approach that considers the caregiver's needs and support as well. She explains the difference between meltdowns and tantrums, providing practical strategies for deescalation and crisis management. She also explores the significance of identifying medical issues that may contribute to problem behaviors and offers a helpful mnemonic to aid in recognition. With a trauma-informed perspective, Kripke encourages focusing on improving individuals' quality of life and providing them with better ways to meet their needs. Recorded on 03/02/2023. (#38871)

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