My Reality is Different with Nalini Malani, 2023 Kyoto Prize Laureate in Arts & Philosophy

5/10/2024; 74 minutes

Nalini Malani is the 2023 Kyoto Prize Laureate in Arts and Philosophy. Using a variety of mediums including theater videos and mixed media installations, Malani is considered to be part of India's first generation of video artists. She is known for employing stop motion, erasure animations, reverse paintings and digital animations as tools for her craft. Her artwork is influenced by her family's experience of migration to the partition of India, but also showcases pressing feminist issues are part of her creativity. Malani's most recent installation, "My Reality is Different" uses the metaphor of the mythical figure of Cassandra who could foresee true prophecies but was never believed. This female side of the human psyche can open our eyes, and if therein the prognosis of the future is not suppressed, one can make sense of this life and steer it into a different, more humane direction, with the formulation of new civilizational values. (#39425)

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