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Primetime Tonight (Pacific): Wednesday December 1, 2021

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Cox (Digital) 135 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
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Schedule for 12/1/2021
12:00 AM From Climate Stress to Activation: The Critical Role of the Health Professional
1:00 AM Interconnected: Our Oceans, Your Lungs, and the Air You Breathe
2:00 AM Heat-Related Effects on Population Health and Emergency Services
3:00 AM A Closer Look at...Spinal Cord Injury
4:30 AM Meet a Mathematician with Alex Cloninger - Science Like Me
5:00 AM Research for Resilience on a Changing Planet - Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System
6:00 AM Facebook, Privacy, and Creating Better Tech Policy with Roger McNamee
7:00 AM Translating the Bible
8:00 AM Borders: El Norte
9:00 AM Alexis Smith: Snake Path & Same Old Paradise
10:00 AM Young People's Concert 2019 - La Jolla Symphony & Chorus
11:00 AM Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 3 in D Minor - La Jolla Symphony & Chorus
12:00 PM Well-Being of Youth and Young Adults
1:00 PM The Art and Science of Music with Victor Minces - Creative Conversations
2:00 PM The Seventh Heaven: Travels through Jewish Latin America
3:30 PM CARTA: Comparative Anthropogeny: From Molecules to Societies - Technology - Dietrich Stout
4:00 PM Research for Resilience on a Changing Planet - Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System
5:00 PM Irish Women of Resilience with Henry Powell - Osher Online Lecture Series
6:00 PM Frozen Obsession: CWC Docs
7:00 PM Sexual Barter in Times of Genocide: Reflections on Sexual Violence, Agency, and Sex Work with Anna Hajkova- Holocaust Living History Workshop
8:00 PM Neuro-archealization: Resurrecting Genetic Variations in Human Brain Organoids - Breaking News in Stem Cells
9:00 PM Planetary Defense: Avoiding a Cosmic Catastrophe
10:00 PM The Three Cantors
11:30 PM Celeste Oram's a loose affiliation of alleluias - La Jolla Symphony & Chorus
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