Richard Fleischner: La Jolla Project - Stuart Collection at UC San Diego

1/27/2022; 2 minutes

Richard Fleischner's "La Jolla Project" is located on the Revelle College lawn at UC San Diego. Seventy-one blocks of pink and gray granite are arranged in configurations that refer to architectural vocabulary: posts, lintels, columns, arches, windows, doorways, and thresholds. These elements transform an ordinary, nearly flat lawn into a space with allusions ranging from an ancient ruin to a contemporary construction site. What is most important for Fleischner is to interpret and essentialize a place by using minimal means to delineate natural lines and boundaries, while establishing an interplay of horizontal and vertical elements. La Jolla Project generates a complex set of spatial and historical relationships that invigorate and give meaning to the formerly undefined area it occupies. (#37806)

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